Family Activity: Winter Getaway to the Mountains

We live in Alberta , so winter lasts up to 6 months of the year!  If you don't learn to embrace it, you are in BIG trouble!

This past Christmas was one of THE best for me in at least 20 years!  My family (who lives spread out in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec) decided to get together in the mountains over the holidays.  We ended up staying in Chalets at the halfway point between Banff and Lake Louise so that my husband and I could also bring our big dogs with us.  It was a wonderful way to spend time with one another, and even though we were like other families over the holidays that celebrated by eating and drinking a little more that we should have, we took advantage of the beautiful setting and participated in many outdoor activities.  EVERYONE from my 2 year old niece and 3 year old daughter up to my 69 year old parents took part in outdoor activities.  We had an opportunity to go skating, tobogganing, hiking, and cross-country skiing.  We laughed, enjoyed fresh air, got moving and spent time with one another.  It was fantastic!  While I love training intensely at the gym, it was really wonderful to just spend some time outside in nature and be active in a different way.  My most cherished moment from the whole trip with a cross-country ski with just my siblings and my dad.  I can't even remember the last time we got to spend time with just us together, probably decades.

Being active doesn't always have to mean training at the gym.  It's also about choosing to do things to NOT be sedentary regardless of your age or ability.  Having a healthy lifestyle IS a choice, and it can be as little of a choice as making a conscious decision to get outside, live life and get moving!


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