Love List: In Susanne's Gym Bag.

love list: top five gym bag fillers

In my gym bag I ALWAYS have at least 3 sports bras, 3 pairs of tights, 3 workout tanks (I like options) several stray bobby pins and hair ties, numerous pairs of socks, and several pairs of clean underwear (Hey!  I workout hard, and no one wants to continue to rock out sweaty underwear until you can hit up the shower!).  If I had to choose my 5 favorite items, these would be it!

1.  UnderArmour no-slip headbands.

I love these.  My "bangs' are chin length and if I don't feel like bobby-pinning them I LOVE to use these headbands.  I do a ton of plyometrics in my workouts and I cannot stand when straggler hairs get in my face.  These headbands always stay put from start to finish!

2.  Better Bodies camo tights

These are my favorite tights to wear at the gym!  Higher rise in the back and lower rise in the front, with a curved line down the leg to accentuate an athletic shape.  The camo print is my fave, and they are a Canadian company.  Yay!

3.  Nike Free Bionic Trainers

As I said previously, I incorporate a lot of plyometric moves into my workouts, so I really like to use a trainer that offers a lot of lateral stability.  This shoe is great for that type of training and it actually feels like it is gripping the floor!

4.  Gliding Discs

I was lucky enough to get a pair of these discs as a gift a few months ago.  I keep them in my bag and use them at least twice a week for core strength, work my hamstrings or even to do off-set push ups.  I think they're great!

5.  Lululemon SIGG water bottle

It's so important to stay hydrated and I love this water bottle because it is large and metal, which I find keeps my water cooler for longer than plastic, and quite frankly; I can't handle glass because I am WAY too clumsy!


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