Motivation: Practising Gratitude and Intention

Do you take time for your mental health and wellness on a daily basis?  As someone who has had this battle for over 30 years of my life, you would have thought I would have figured out something much sooner than I had.  It was some of the darkest months of my life that actually precipitated some much life-altering change.  I am not quite ready to own my story yet, but it IS coming and will coincide on January 28th, 2015 along with Bell's "Let's Talk Day" which works to break down barriers and stigmas attached with mental illness.

My Daily Gratitude

One of the best tools I have learned out of all of this is a simple practice that I do every night before bed.  I express gratitude, and I actually write this down to keep myself accountable.  People have different ways to connect to their true self, some through prayer, some through meditation, and for myself, it is by expressing a daily gratitude, and setting an intention of how I want my next day to go.

First, I sit back and reflect for a few moment on the day.  No matter how awful, awesome or mundane it has been, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  Some days, it may be as simple as not being rushed while drinking my morning coffee, other days it may be an accomplishment that I am so proud of.  Most of the time, it's the small moments when I remember to slow down, breathe and take in all the human connections that happen on a daily basis.  A student teasing me because they appreciate me, a shared laugh or joke with a co-worker, having belly laughs with a friend, a cuddle with either of my dogs, an embrace from my husband, or reading a story to my daughter and pulling her little body SO close.  I pick three every night and write them down in my journal.  Every day, no matter how awful, has some spectacular moments, and it would be a shame not to remember them.

How to set a Daily Intention

Next, I reflect on what lens I want to look at the next day with.  I am lucky to not have to figure this out on my own as I have a set of cards that I just shuffle and chose from.  I take a look at that card and decide how I want my next day to proceed.  I can give you an example from today.  My card was about "order" (some other options have been strength, beauty, communication, honesty, creativity, grace, balance, intuition, wisdom, trust, understanding, vision).  From choosing the card, I do the short two paragraph reading about that specific word and set my intention or plan for how I want to go through the next day. Today I had to trust that everything was happening just as it should be and not to push or force anything.  My life today was in whatever order it was meant to be, and instead of pushing or planning or forcing anything to happen, I trust that everything happened/is happening just as it should.  It has been helpful to me to have a focus to each day.  Especially when I feel as if things are spiraling out of control,  Writing an intention is a little more tough, than writing my daily gratitude, but it is AMAZING how these two little tools, done on a daily basis helps me to keep a positive frame of mind for the majority of the time.

Where to find Intention Setting Cards

If you would like to see the cards I specifically use, or even better, purchase the APP for this, check out this website.  I JUST realized that there was an APP this past Thursday and like the convenience of having it with me at all times.

For when you need a "pick-me-up" or just to "stay the course"

The last thing that I would like to share is a blog by a married couple who are both Life Coaches.  Sometimes negativity creeps into your head and heart, and reading something positive can give you a fresh perspective.  If you want a starting point to seeing your life in a more positive lens, check out this blog.  Their posts are simple and yet so profound.  They really help me to stay the course!

I am grateful for you.



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