Nutrition: STAY FUELED

Like most people, I find that Monday morning starts with a bang, and there isn't much slow down time until the end of the week!  I find that anything that I can do as a time saver on the weekend, helps with the craziness of the work week.  My biggest time-savers are having some go-to lunch items on hand that I can use to pack a healthy lunch for work.  I'm not very creative with food, but these are always my staples for my work salads:
  • pre-washed salads such as kale, and the mixed green/baby spinach mix
  • edamame salad (I find this in the deli section at Save-On foods and just add to my greens)
  • avocado (I always cut up half for my salads)
  • tomatoes
  • bell peppers
  • cooked quinoa
  • a protein- I like to have hard boiled eggs prepped for the week, I almost always buy a roast chicken on Sunday from the deli section at the supermarket to add pieces to my salad, canned tuna, or I bake a salmon

I pack a salad with these items to fuel my body for energy and performance, and I always have fresh fruit and greek yogurt on hand in my kitchen to add into my lunch for snacks during the day.  Taking 7 minutes (yes, I have it timed!) to throw my lunch together in the evening is worth the nutritional value and the cost savings to me.

I take a LOT of food to work with me, and my students used to laugh at me because I have a mini fridge in my classroom, but this has become a necessity for me!  No room for a fridge at work?  Maybe it's time to add a sixpackbag to your "to buy" list.  These fashionable totes have storage and a cooler built right into them.  Check out this gorgeous Elite Victoria Tote.  It's in my "would love to have, but it's out of my price range...sigh" category.

Happy Fueling!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this delightful recipe with us,It is so yummy yet so healthy. I also take a lot of food with me.