Workouts: Sue's Circuits: Part 1

I have decided to share some of my total body circuits that I have put together for myself.  I am NOT an expert, however, I do a lot of research and have found what works BEST for ME.  I find that doing these type of workouts are an efficient use of my time while at the gym.  I can be in and out in 50 minutes or less and I have completed a total body workout with weights, and cardio incorporated right in. I like the high intensity of the exercise, feeling my muscles straining, my lungs heaving, my heart pumping and sweat pouring down my face!  The weights listed below are what I am currently using for myself.  My fitness level is relatively high and it has taken a LOT of time to progress to these weights and complexity of push-up variations, etc.  This is NOT where I started at, even though I have always had a relatively high fitness level... I am a work in progress and have pushed myself to this level and will continue to find ways to push myself further in the future.

I would say that the majority of the circuits are for moderate to high fitness levels, and the more plyometrics you incorporate, the more intense this circuit will be; HOWEVER, most of the exercises could be adapted by doing some of the following:

  • to use a lower weight; you know what dumbbells or straight bar weights you can handle, if it's 5 lb dumbbells and a 20 lb bar, no problem, you need to start SOMEWHERE!
  • if using lower weights is not an option, use body weight only
  • take out the plyometrics (NO JUMPING)
  • use a resistance band for your chin-ups (seriously worth trying to progress with this exercise and you need to start somewhere)
  • doing regular push-ups instead of the variations I have listed
  • speedskaters rather than weighted lateral bounds

Have at 'er!!!

Circuit 1

+ 5x Stairs
+ 12x chin-ups
+ 14x spilt lunge jumps with weighted bar (65 lbs)
+ 8x decline push-ups with left leg raised on a box or a bench (repeat with right)
+ 8x side step ups on left leg, then right with weighted bar across your shoulders (65 lbs)
+ 10x inverted row on TRX frame
+ 12x lateral bounds with weighted bar across shoulders (65 lbs)
+ 10x triceps dips
+ 10x deadlifts with the bar (65 lbs)
+ 10x triangle push-ups on medicine-ball
+ 10x agility burpees (burpees jumping laterally over something)
+ 3x sprints (length of gym)
+ rest 90 seconds REPEAT (crossover on stairs second time)

the fit lift: sue's circuits 1


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