Buddy Up! The Benefits of a Workout Partner

I love recruiting friends that are willing to step outside their comfort zone and come try a class with me at the gym.  I think I get just as much satisfaction and adrenaline when they complete the class, as they do.  And, it also makes me push that much harder in their presence.  Often, having a partner, workout buddy, or group is the extra push you need to achieve some of your fitness goals - seek out an individual or a group you feel would motivate you and ask them to join you in on a workout!

Here are 5 simple reasons a workout partner can be beneficial to you...

1.  You'll push harder and dig deep.
Whether it's your competitive nature, the comradery of the situation, or a combination of the two, having a buddy to workout with makes you strive to work harder and be better.

2.  Motivation.
Having a commitment to meet someone at a designated time and place sometimes forces us to actually get moving.  We don't want to let another person down, and it forces us to be accountable.

3.  You'll gain confidence from an outside perspective.
Sometimes we tend to be very tough on ourselves.  Your partner can view your progress more objectively than you; pointing out your increased strength, endurance or weight loss.  This validation helps to increase your self-esteem and keep your motivation levels high.

4.  Time flies by.
Having someone there to chat with and catch up on each others' lives makes the time fly by.  These visits will become something you look forward to.

5.  Celebrating success.
You WILL have continued successes along your fitness journey, and it will be way more FUN to celebrate them with someone rather than alone!


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