Fit Tip: The Benefits of Strength Training

You've decided to step foot onto the path of better health and you are making good choices about the food your are fueling your body with, the amount of sleep you are getting and being more physically active.  These are all amazing, but are you incorporating strength training into your regime?  If you already are, here are some of the added bonuses strength training is providing for you.  If not, read on to find out why you should start now!


Strength training is physical exercise specializing in the use of resistance (weight) to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.  Strength training increases workout efficiency and is the most effective way to burn fat and build muscle.

What are the benefits of STRENGTH TRAINING?

1.  Boost your metabolism
Building muscle helps boost your metabolism, so you can burn more calories long after your workout and increase fat loss.

2.  Build healthier joints
Lifting weights creates strong muscles and those muscles help support and protect your joints.

3.  Banish belly fat
Women who strength train burn more deep belly fat than those who rely solely on cardio.  This is important since abdominal fat is linked with heart disease.

4.  Boost your athletic performance
Training specific muscles with weights helps the fast-twitch, which in turn makes you a better and stronger athlete.

5.  Improve your balance
Your balance decreases with age, but you can build up your fast-twitch muscle cells with explosive weight training.

6.  Build lean muscle 
Again, developing the fast-twitch in your muscles with explosive muscle contractions will help to build lean muscle and torch body fat.

7.  Lower blood pressure
Strength training can lower both systolic and dyastolic blood pressure

8.  Decrease your risk of osteoporosis
Weight bearing exercises help to increase bone density which reduces women's risk for osteoporosis.

9.  Boost your immune system
An active person has a stronger immune system and people who do regular resistance training get sick less often.

10.  Improve your self- confidence and body image
Strength training is incredibly empowering for women.  You get a sense of accomplishment, and it instantly works to boost your body image.

Now go grab a barbell or a dumbbell and get busy lifting!


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