Love List: Favourite Fitness Apps

We're sharing our top six fitness apps that increase efficiency of our workouts and keep us motivated!

1. Nike+ Training Club
The Nike+ Training Club App features over 100 workouts that have been inspired by Nike Master Trainers and athletes to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it is strength, focus or toning.

There are four-week programs available to keep you motivated and head towards your training goal.  There are so many awesome workouts within this app so it's hard to pick a fave, however, I am a fan of the quick 15 workouts in the GET FOCUSED category when you are short on time or need to squeeze in a lunchtime workout.  Try the Cardio Burst or Butt Blaster!

This app will integrate with Nike+ Running and you'll also be able to track your progress including number of workouts, minutes and average calories in NikeFuel.

2. Nike+ Running
Whether you're on the road or on the treadmill, the Nike+ Running App tracks your runs, pace, distance and time and helps you reach your goals.  And whether you're training for your first 5K or breaking a half PR, the Nike+ Coach gives you training programs, workouts, and coaching expertise.  The app also has social elements to share runs, achievements, and the option to challenge friends.  A neat feature is to load a Power Song of choice for some mid-run oomph!

3. 30 Day Fitness
I am a super fan of this simple app.  The 30 Day Fitness App has a huge series of 30 Day Challenges that only take a few minutes each day.  It's not only a great way to challenge your body's physical strength, but it's an awesome way to develop a postive habit and integrate it into you daily routine.

4. Seven
Seven sets you the challenge of seven minutes a day for seven months using no more than a chair, wall and your own body weight. The app will guide you through the workouts with illustrations, visual timers, spoken instructions and feedback to let you know when to switch between exercise and rest.  The app tracks your progress on graphs and calendars, as well as earn rewards and unlock achievements.  The app has a game-like approach where you start with three lives but missing a day will lose you a heart and missing three workouts in a month will reset your progress to zero.  And no worries, you can set yourself daily reminders so you don't forget!

5. Fitlist
Fitlist is a workout log, fitness tracker and exercise journal with routines for bodybuilding, weightlifting, gym and strength training.  Maximize your results by keeping a daily record of your workouts quickly and easily.  The app includes an exercise database to help properly categorize your workouts, a workout log, and you can also create custom routines and workouts tailored to YOU.  It's a must-have app if you go to the gym and participate in DIY fitness.

6. Yoga Studio
The Yoga Studio App is the ultimate yoga app featuring 65 ready-made, multi-level yoga & meditation classes with HD video that run from 10 to 60 minutes in length.  Also, you can quickly and easily create your own class choosing the combination and sequence of poses.  Schedule and track your classes as well for accountability.

Do you have a favourite workout app we haven't mentioned?  
We'd love to try it!  Leave a comment!


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