Motivation & Inspiration: 5 Reasons To Get Active

There's no TIME and I feel GUILTY...

We get it. We're busy. Susanne's a mom of one, teacher, coach, has a husband who works shift-work and owns his own business, and two big dogs that need love and attention.   Sarah's a work-at-home-mom of three, designer, and also has a husband who works shift-work. Where is the "me" time, you may wonder?  You have to create it, or it won't happen. We are all busy.

We think the biggest reason women, mothers especially, don't make time to be active other than "no time" is the guilt.  There is guilt in taking time away from your family, child or work responsibilities, but we KNOW first-hand, that we am happier, healthier and far better equipped to handle everything else that is thrown my way, when we carve out specific, guilt-free time for activity, whether it be alone or with family or friends!


1.  You want to take care of yourself.

Keep doing it, or begin to.  Taking care of yourself is also taking care of your family. You need enough rest, the proper foods to fuel your body, and to make time for activity each day. If you aren't taking care of yourself, it is very challenging to be able to take care of everyone else.

2.  You want to be a good example for your child(ren).

You want, and think that your kids should be more active.  You played outside all the time as a kid and weren't in front of the computer or T.V. all the time.  Why aren't they out there like you were as kid?  YOU are the biggest influence and role model for your kid(s).  If you want them to take their health and wellness seriously, you need to too.  Being healthy doesn't, and shouldn't get put on the back burner while you have children.  It is a LIFELONG habit that you need to continually practice. Play with your kids.  Show them that you know how to, and that you value it.

3.  You want to be energized and less-stressed.

Who doesn't?  Exercise is proven to give a person more energy, and to decrease stress levels.  When you've got so many things on the go, less stress is always welcome.

4.  You want to be strong.

Trust me on this one.  There is something pretty magical that comes out of your body becoming stronger.  You become more confident, continually set new goals for yourself (and therefore get a sense of accomplishment when you succeed), and get to be self-sufficient.  I like knowing that I can do a majority of physical things on my own.

5.  You want to be around to see your children grow up.

No, we cannot stem off every single illness there is out there, but it is proven that being healthy decreases your likelihood of acquiring many diseases and increases longevity.  Don't you want to be around to see your children grown into adults?  Spend time with your grandchildren?  This is an absolute no-brainer for us.

Start to make yourself a priority because you ARE worth it, 
and you won't regret it.


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