BE STRONG: You Never Know Who You Are Inspiring

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Be Strong...

Today's post is very impromptu and comes from an experience last night that reminded me of a few things which are very important.

You are worth the time to invest in YOU!

Tuesday nights are skating practice for my daughter Raina.  If my husband isn't on night-shift, I use this opportunity to head to the gym and get a quick workout in after work, pick up Booster Juice for everyone, and arrive at the rink at the start of her lesson.  I often have a little guilt (this creeps in quite a bit after becoming a mom) about taking that time for me, but I am ALWAYS there to cheer and support her on in her activities.

Last night was no different.  I arrived at the rink just as the kids were heading out onto the ice, Booster Juice in hand.  My husband leaned over to me and said "Today was the first time she was complaining about her lesson and saying that she didn't want to go."  We have both been members of various sports teams and athletics, so we take her even when she is less than enthusiastic to participate.

Towards the end of the lesson, they were practicing skating backwards.  Raina was doing an amazing job, concentrating and being super successful.  The teacher in me was saying in my head. "Her instructor should stop the rest of the class and have her demo that skill because she is focused and strong and doing so well."  

Well, her instructor DID stop the class and say "Everyone stop and look at Miss Raina, she is working so hard and she can skate backwards so well because she has VERY strong tummy muscles!"  Well.  I was SO proud of her, because she persevered through her lesson, worked hard, and she does have a strong core!

At the end of the lesson, I met Raina at the edge of the ice to help her off, the instructor skated up to me and said, "Raina told me that she has strong tummy muscles because her mom does, and that she is strong like her mom.  I thought you would want to know."

You are an example and an inspiration to others, even if you don't always see it!

I want my daughter to be happy, healthy and strong.  It is important that I SHOW her how to do that, and that means (for me) that I need to make myself, and my health a priority.

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