FIT TIP: Strengthen your Weak Side

Your weak side.  Yes, we all have one side of our bodies that is weaker than the other.  This became very apparent to me last week when I was training legs with a partner.  I do so much sport performance in my training and my right leg is SO much more powerful than my left.

Incorporating Unilateral Strength Training will help you to balance out the strength in your body.  A unilateral exercise is a single limb exercise, which will allow you to build up the strength of your weak side. Try adding exercises that focus on training one side of your body at a time.  Some examples may be to add some single-legged squats, deadlifts or step ups to the mix.  For upper body think single arm lateral raise, bicep curl or tricep kickbacks.  It is not necessary to do a full workout with solely unilateral exercises, but try and add at least one form of these types of exercises when training a certain body part to see your strength grow!


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