In The Spotlight: Meet Cindy H.

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I met Cindy through my classes at the gym.  If I had to sum up my first impression of her in 3 words... those words would be; Strong.  Energetic.  Magnetic.  Learning from her on stage and being a participant of her class is awe-inspiring.  I consider her a mentor and she has helped me understand the technicalities and meaning behind the art of the classes she teaches.  

Before receiving her questionnaire, I hadn't had the opportunity to get to know Cindy well.  And I am so very grateful I approached her to participate.  While I read through her answers, I felt amazed by her strength, drive, determination and will to live life to it's absolute fullest.  To be thankful for every smile, every breath, every moment.  The struggles and hardships of our lives don't define us, but they are still a part of us, and of our puzzle.  Without them, we wouldn't be whole.  And more often or not, it's those struggles that lead us on the path of self-discovery, self-belief, successes, and true happiness.

1. Provide us a brief introduction about who you are. 

This is one of the most difficult questions for me, because I am still discovering who I am every day…. I am a mother of two amazing kids ( really! ), a wife, a friend, a yoga instructor, a fitness instructor, a professional, a Reiki Master, a reflexologist…. And yet I want to be and do more, life is amazing!

I was a very overweight little girl with the perception that I could never be an athlete or be as strong as I am. It was when I found out I was pregnant that I wanted to be a person of health for my child… my journey began then.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer when my daughter was just 6 months old… one of the most difficult transitions that I had to face into becoming a mother and losing my own. But it was also an awakening that my health is my own and I alone need to take care of it.

I’ve had multiple surgeries… I’ve literally lost count… maybe 15+… I’ve lost my hearing, learned to read lips and trust my instincts. I have a heart condition that was discovered while I was in one of my surgeries, and was advised against continuing any high intensity physical activity and needed a surgery to fix this condition. The surgery was unsuccessful and I chose to live life fully against my physician’s recommendation and without letting this diagnosis affect me. To take away physical activity would be detrimental to my mental health… Another very real struggle everyday for me.

I am ME…I am crazy, funny and I love to laugh! Without all these experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

2. What does STRENGTH mean to you? 

Strength is self- acceptance… it's pushing your own boundaries without the fear of failing but knowing no matter the outcome that you will grow from the experience. Physical strength is allowing full body mind connection and thanking your body for allowing you to do what it does… move, reach, run, jump, swim, climb, breathe….And most importantly hug with your whole being. 

3. What does BEAUTY mean to you? 

Beauty is unconditional love… to allow complete vulnerability and accept your flaws or scars as your tiger stripes… each one is unique and individual to you and makes you who you are. Beauty is laughter, is smiling big, is looking forward, it is the sound of my children’s voices. Beauty is the sight, sound, smell of everyday life.

4. What inspires you? What is your driving force? 

I inspire ME… this might sound like a strong statement, but when I look back at where I used to be, or the obstacles I’ve overcome, only I can achieve more by believing in what I can do and what I dare to dream to do.

My mother inspired me and still does… I hear her whispers and her words of wisdom even when Heaven and earth separate us. As a child watching her accomplish so many things and never ever complaining, always thankful for the life she had, living life to the fullest absolutely! She is my hero.

My members inspire me... The way they push their own boundaries, the way they smile or sweat when they accomplish something they didn’t think they could. Their stories, their journeys inspire me… Everyone has a story and I love to hear it.

5. What is your proudest accomplishment? 

Running the Nike Women’s Marathon with my husband by my side in honor of my mother in San Fransisco, pushing my children uphill in strollers!! We didn’t train pushing them! It was exhilarating! Becoming a fitness instructor just before turning 40 with the very real obstacle of relying on instinct to teach when I couldn’t hear the beat of the music…To push my body both physically and mentally and standing up on stage letting my “overweight, scared, no confidence, little girl inside” shine to inspire others!

6. What is your biggest challenge? 

To accept that I am enough… that I don’t need to do or be more than what I am in this moment. To love and thank my body for what it can do, not for what I perceive it looks like, which is often not thin enough or fit enough.

7. What is your mantra? What are your favorite words to live by? 

You are the author of your book, don’t let others define your stories…You hold the pen. You alone can write your stories and the people in it. You can close the chapter and begin a new one. Make it your book, make it the best story ever written!

 “you are exactly where you are meant to be… 
in this moment you are absolutely beautiful”

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  1. Cindy you are such an inspiration.
    If only everyone could be as positive as you and take challenge as opportunity. WOW!