Love List: Sue's Spring Wish List

With Spring JUST around the corner (at least I hope, this IS Alberta), I begin itching for new apparel and items.  It is the season of "re-birth" after all!  There is no exception here.  Bright colors and patterns are on my radar for new items to fill my already full gym bag.  Enjoy!

1.  Better Bodies Hot Pants

With the warmer weather approaching, I have dreams of one day coming to terms with my legs and actually wearing shorts to workout.  If they actually get tanned enough, these would be the shorts that I would throw on in the aqua blue!

2.  Nike Free Bionics

These are my favorite trainers, and my grip is starting to go on my current pair.  I would love to get a new one in one of these bright, fresh colors!

3.  Lorna Jane Floral Mani Sports Bra

Make sure your breasts are getting the support they need by investing in a new sports bra.  Even though I sometimes appear to be tough as nails, I love this girly and feminine floral print.  Swoon!

4.  T-Grip Barbell

I want one.  I saw this in a video my friend @orangezilla filmed for BodyRock.  I can envision packing it off with me this summer as I head out into the middle of the boonies in Saskatchewan for a month.  It is incredibly versatile in all of the moves you can perform with it.

5.  Saucony Ride 7

This runner has been my staple for the last few years.  It fits my foot and cushions my high arch very comfortably.  Again, when I retreat to Northern Saskatchewan for a month, there is no gym in sight, and the great outdoors and my creativity are the only things that keep me on track.  I'm sure that a new pair of kicks will help shave some time off my run... and these are blue, my favorite!


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