Ready To Run: The Benefits of Running

Running is one of the easiest and most inexpensive forms of exercise that you can do.  All you need is a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes and some comfortable clothing before you hit the great outdoors.  Here are some of the benefits of running in case you need a little more convincing!

1.  Your mental health
Running releases endorphins and therefore helps to reduce stress.

2.  Stronger bones
Running helps to maintain bone density and this helps to reduce your risk of developing osteoperosis; something women are more likely to develop than men.

3.  Boost your immune system
Decrease your risk of developing minor illnesses by running.

4.  Build muscle
Running develops, shapes, tones and strengthens all of the muscles in your lower body as well as helping to strengthen your core.

5.  Have a healthy heart
As your cardiovascular health goes up, your blood pressure will go down.  This inverse relationship results in a healthier working heart.

6.  Better sleep
Running will help your quality of sleep to improve.  Sleep is when the body re-builds, repairs and gets stronger, so any assistance in this area is always welcome!

7.  Weight loss
Simultaneously burn calories and build muscle to help result in a leaner, fitter you.

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