Ready To Run: Finding The Right Shoe

Running requires very little investment, as far as equipment goes; but it is VITAL to your form, joints and plain old comfort to purchase a pair of well-fitting shoes.

Go see a specialist!

Your best bet is to actually go to a specialty shop such as The Running Room.  You will have an opportunity to run on the treadmill while there, and they will look at your stride and be able to gather information about how your foot strikes the ground.  By watching you run, they can tell if you land neutrally, or whether you pronate (your weight is supported on the inside of your foot) or supinate (your weight is supported on the outside of your foot).  Once they have identified how you run, you will be able to figure out which types of running shoes will support your foot the best. At this point, you can try on several shoes designed to support your foot properly.  There are different amounts of cushioning available.

Try them ALL on.

Run with them on your feet before buying them.  You never know what type of cushioning will be your preference, AND it may change over time.  I used to run with a shoe that provided maximum cushioning, however after a few seasons, it didn't feel "right" anymore.  I thought at this time that I would switch to more of a "minimalist" shoe, which seemed to be the trend in running shoes.  I tried several of them, and they just did not feel right (call me Goldilocks).  Eventually I found the right fit with a medium cushioned shoe.  It is my absolute favorite, and each spring I purchase the newest edition of that make.

The Bottom Line.

Finding the right show for you takes time and effort (just like anything else that is good in life), but what will work for your friend or husband or mom or sister just may not work for you!  It is very personal and should be all about comfort and support.  Have fun and begin your shoe shopping!


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