Construct Your Confidence

Having self-confidence is the key to success; whether at work, running a race, at home, in the gym, or out for dinner with friends.  Why is it so hard to display and feel it then?  This is where all of the confidence killers out there such as:  self-doubt, perfectionism, shame, negativity and guilt play an ugly role.  Use some of these tips below to blast those aside, and make way for the confident you!

1.  Be around others who LIFT, and LIFT others as well.
When people believe in you, it affirms that you have what it takes to succeed.  Similarly, when you lift others and HELP them to succeed, it makes you feel confident in your own abilities.  When you are witness to others' successes, it is the reflection of the successes you see within yourself.  This is an amazingly powerful thing.

2.  Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.
When you can identify your strengths, you are better equipped to help others.  Knowing your weaknesses allows for others to help YOU better, and in turn THEY feel successful!  Have the courage to ask for help if you need it, and build your learning and growth.

3.  Face your fears head on.
When you are able to continue on DESPITE your fears and doubts, you feel a tremendous amount of strength.  This strength only helps to build your confidence.

4.  Take time for Self-Care.
Be kind to yourself.  This means; take care of your body, do the things that you love and are passionate about.  The kinder you are to yourself, the more your confidence will grow.

5.  Be Authentic.
You don't like being around a fake, nor does anybody else.  Be unapologetically YOU.  Be vulnerable, and real.  Be true to who you are and what you believe.  THAT is confidence!