In The News: Strength In Numbers Promotion Launch

The power of word of mouth is amazing and effective and we are so grateful for its success!  We didn't realize how large-scale things could get in a very short amount of time.  Understanding how effective word of mouth can be, we want to create a ripple effect reaching the masses with our message and celebrate the limitless strength and beauty of women all over the planet!

We're excited to be launching our new apparel collection this Spring and equally thrilling, we've suited our very first CIS team with their own custom STRENGTH IS BEAUTY warm up tanks. Stay tuned to see this amazing Canadian University team sporting our motivational apparel!

This opportunity has swelled us with gratitude, widened our eyes, and opened our minds to the launch of a new promotion:

Teamwork is nothing new for the two of us.  Growing up in a small community allowed for many opportunities where the two of us were part of the same team.  We understand that teamwork isn't just about the talents of individuals.  It is about how those talents, working unified toward the same goal, brings out EACH team member's strengths; allowing for success.  The start-up of this company has been the ULTIMATE test of teamwork.  We are both grateful and understanding of the unique strengths each of us brings to the table, and that without one another we would not have had the success we have reached thus far.

Derived from a strong athletic background, driven by a feisty competitive spirit, and on a mission to spread our message; we're reaching out to teams across Canada and the USA to suit up in our motivational apparel.

We'll work with you to design your team's custom tops with your desired colours in combination with our message and brand, at a discounted price!  Please get in touch with us at


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