Motivation: Do It Because You Love It

I came across this quote 2 days ago, and two things happened.

1. It reminded me of a conversation I had with an old friend in Saskatoon 2 months ago. She was struggling with getting moving and the motivation to keep going. She asked me how I do it. My response was that I stopped worrying about my body and weight, and more about what staying fit allowed me to do; Push my limits and be happy and healthy for myself and my family.

2. It reiterated there is so much truth in this; and what a happier and healthier way of living! I have NO CLUE how much I weigh. I know it's more than I did a year ago, but frankly, I DON'T CARE! I think this is the first time in my life that I can HONESTLY say that. My clothes still fit and I'm the same size; I'm happy, healthy, and a hell of a lot stronger than I've ever been before!

Try not to put too much stake into the scale...don't let it be your motivator. Once you find other reasons, you'll really find your true strength.


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