Ready To Run: I Am A Mom. I Am A Runner.

Our READY TO RUN series is coming to a close this week, but we still have a few inspiring and motivating running quotes to share. This one's for all you mamas out there!

I had a gal swing by to pick out a few of our NEW STRENGTH IS BEAUTY shirts yesterday and I felt an instant connection with her. Not only did she have babes close in age, but we both expressed how exercise and being active is imperative for not only our physical well-being, but our mental and emotional state. For some of us, we completely rely on it. It's the air we breathe.

 It's empowering to just keep going. Keep moving. Keep doing the same activities you always had and loved. Those little eyes are watching you. They are inspired by you. They love you for your sweat, your tears, and all of your hard work. Take the time to make exercise and activity a priority. And throw guilt to the side. You're doing it all for them. They're your reason. YOU are your reason.


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