Challenge Yourself: Reach Past Your Comfort Zone

I used to be very adventurous.  When I was 21 years old I took off to Australia alone to travel.  While I was there I went sailing, skydiving, surfing, swung from tall trees in a human catapult.  Ate snake, crocodile, and kangaroo.  And did many other adventures.  I had a free spirit.  No limitations or fears.  I was pretty carefree.

Fast forward 15 years, and although I may be tough as nails, headstrong and independent.  I am definitely not as carefree and adventurous as I once used to be.

Within a week I did a couple of things to push past my limits and retrieve some of that adventure again.  Firstly, I traveled alone to San Francisco for the Victoria Day weekend.  I had a chance to sight-see, hike, eat great food and drink fantastic wine.  It was a small taste of the freedom that I once had when I had traveled to Australia.  I learned that I can still be spontaneous and adventurous, even if it is for a short period of time, and home is where my heart is.  I had to book an early flight home because I missed my girl Raina so badly...but that story is for another time!

Secondly, I had an opportunity to take my Jr. High students on an overnight field trip with two of my wonderful co-workers.  While there, we camped, played capture the flag, hiked, rock-climbed, went horse back riding, zip-lined and did cable cross.  It was an amazing experience to see these girls test their limits and support one another as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, and I did the same.  I climbed up that wall, despite not feeling strong enough or fast enough, and went down that zip-line even though I had a moment of being scared as hell at the top.  I joked to the guy and said "I've been sky-diving before...why the hell am I scared to let go and enjoy this ride?"  He replied "Fear of the unknown, I guess.".  Isn't that the truth.  Once you are able to surrender yourself to the unknown, there is joy and exhilaration.

My lessons learned?  Well, of course I love my life and my family, and home will always be my love and comfort zone.  But if I don't push myself, and push past my fear of the unknown, I will never enjoy those new experiences...and oh what a joy they can be!


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