In The Spotlight: Meet Janna P.

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I met Janna through a mutual friend a couple years ago. She is a fun-loving spirit who cares immensely for her two boys and her family. She is giving, generous and smart. I love her drive, passion and energy that she pours into everything she does, including her newest venture. She has been working as an independent skin-care consultant with Rodan and Fields Canada since the beginning of 2015 and it's amazing to see her set new goals for herself and continually surpass them. Congrats Janna! Please read her thoughts and let her positivity inspire you!

1. Provide us a brief introduction about who you are.

I am a stay-at-home mom to two boys, ages two and four, and a wife. I am also proud to say that I am now a business owner with Rodan + Fields (think Proactiv doctors) and loving the challenge!

2. What does STRENGTH mean to you? 

Strength to me is so much more then outward appearance just as much as beauty is. To be strong is the ability to endure struggles and challenges and handle them with grace. Of course to be physically fit is to be strong but it’s the mental strength and abilities that are what ultimately allow a person to build physical strength.

3. What does BEAUTY mean to you? 

Beauty is again, the ability to handle life’s curve balls with grace and dignity. How you treat others is a reflection of beauty and I find that the most beautiful people are the ones who are full of kindness and love toward others. The word beauty encompasses so many things; ultimately a kind heart and genuinely positive attitude are what make a person beautiful to me.

4. What inspires you? What is your driving force? 

I am inspired by many of the things that I find to be strong and beautiful in others. People who work hard to accomplish their goals and stay true to themselves, that inspires me. The ability to overcome fears and rise above to succeed is a trait that truly inspires me, seeing people push out of their comfort zone and come out stronger and better then they’ve ever been inspires me. And of course, those who seek to help others and impact people in a positive way, all of these are examples of things that inspire me to do better and be better.

5. What is your proudest accomplishment? 

My proudest accomplishment is without a doubt raising our two sons. I feel as though it is a work in progress but so far I am proud of the job I am doing with them. I am also proud of my decision to take a leap of faith and act as a leader in my new business venture. It’s taking me outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis and challenges me to face my fears.

6. What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge in my adult life has been to say no, to not try and do it all and take care of myself first. I think becoming a mother we automatically take a back seat and allow guilt to take over when and if we do put ourselves first. I try to remember that I am setting an example for my children and that if I expect them to take care of themselves once they reach adulthood I need to show them how I take care of myself as their mother in the meantime. I try to do as much as I can for others and still take care of myself by having my daily routine incorporate a healthy lifestyle, mentally and physically.

7. What is your mantra? What are your favorite words to live by? 

Ah, my favorite words to live by? That’s a tough one, probably be kind to one another and as Ghandi once said to

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.


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