In The Spotlight: Meet Sarah M.

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Sarah is one of my oldest friends.  It's almost bizarre, and it is definitely a rarity to still be friends with someone you have known essentially since birth.  I'm honoured to write her introduction, and so glad that she took the time to fill out our Spotlight questionnaire.  I think she is a phenomenal woman with so many creative gifts and talents.  Opening up, and putting herself out there in this way wasn't exactly the easiest thing for her; but I hope that in doing so, she has had a chance to reflect upon how great of a mother, wife, friend and woman she is.  Her creativity and athletic abilities are gifts she was blessed with, and I think that being a mother is another one of her gifts as well. I admire her strengths in all these areas, and have much to learn from her in putting her whole heart, energy and love into everything she does.  Enjoy!

1. Provide us a brief introduction about who you are. 

My name is Sarah Milne. I am a mother to 3 beautiful children, ages 7, 4 and 3. I am a wife to a dedicated police officer. I am a designer. I am an athlete.

Three characteristics that describe me best are: passionate, creative, and energetic.

2. What does STRENGTH mean to you? 

STRENGTH is passion, drive, determination and will. STRENGTH is the ability to persevere and push through hard times and it is a force that keeps us going. STRENGTH is confidence and believing in yourself.

3. What does BEAUTY mean to you?

BEAUTY is spirit and comes from within. It is compassion, kindness, and caring. It is how you treat others and the energy you eminate.

4. What inspires you? What is your driving force? 

I have many inspirations but my mother is at the top of my list. My mother is my best friend. We often chat on the phone twice a day and nothing is ever censored in our conversations. She is my biggest fan and keeps me driven. She is always on my mind and I carry her in my heart every minute of my day.

There are moments and memories that my mom has given me that I hold so dear and remember so fondly. I try to give those same gifts of memories to my children. She is my inspiration to give motherhood my all and to do the best I can.

My mother is strong, hardworking and compassionate. She has taught me that the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. She has overcome hard times with nothing but grace and beauty.

My mother has always seen my potential and fed me confidence when I needed it most. She makes me want to be a better person, to believe in myself, and love with my whole heart.

My husband inspires me. He is compassionate and selfless. He is so dedicated to his career and our city’s safety. In my and his children’s eyes, he is a hero. Daily, I am gifted clarity and perspective through what he does, and inspired to make a difference in some way.

Creatively, I am inspired by my surroundings; by colour, and by pattern.  I believe my home is an extension of our family's personalities.  Full of colour, vibrance, texture and warmth.  And everything I create is an expression of my simplistic, honest, and open personality.  Finding beauty and inspiration in the everyday and the simplest of things, fills my mind with endless ideas and dreams.

My children are my driving force. They are my entire world. They are the reason I commit to daily life. I want to fill them up with memories and love. I want to teach them that the simple things in life are what truly matter. I want them to understand the value of a bright smile, a warm handshake, and a hysterical laugh. I need them to see the necessity of healthy choices and an active life. I want them to be proud of their unique qualities and individuality. I am driven to ensure they believe in themselves and know they are limitless. I am hoping all of this can be achieved by leading by example.

5. What is your proudest accomplishment? 

My proudest accomplishment may not be defined by one single moment in life. I believe my accomplishment is motherhood.

I have definitely struggled with the attempt to seek some sort of balance of keeping it all together and I’ve stumbled my way through the last 8 years. I don’t have it all together. And that is completely fine. Most days are exhausting and leave me counting minutes until bedtime, but I wouldn’t want to be counting down those minutes for any other reason. Although some days I often feel inadequate or that I fell short, I know they love me unconditionally, just as I love them.

I am committed to doing my best and doing what works for our family. I am committed to giving myself the grace to get through the tough moments and be gentle with myself; that I am doing the best I can. I believe getting to this understanding is an accomplishment and a gift to myself.

Motherhood is hard, but the unbelievable love you can hold for those little giggling faces is worth every minute. Being a mother is a privilege.

6. What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is my anxiety. I struggle daily with anxiety and worry and it often leads to severe panic. I have discovered ways to cope with my anxiety by choosing to avoid triggers, and simplifying my daily life so that it is more manageable for our family and myself. My main method of escape is fitness. The fact that worry will end when faith begins is a hard lesson to learn, but ultimately, it will allow me to lead a more fulfilling life.

I also struggle with lack of confidence. I believe much of this comes with my creative, critical characteristics where I always want to do more or be better. I am very hard on myself. Having a daughter that is nearly 8 has truly helped me focus more positively, whether it’s the task at hand, or physical appearance. It is crucial for me to believe in myself, and project strong confidence on her. It is important for us to love ourselves for everything we ARE rather than disliking ourselves for everything we think we ARE NOT.

7. What is your mantra? What are your favorite words to live by?

I love quotes. I actually collect and refer back to my Pinterest board when I’m having a tough day. The power of words is truly incredible.

My mantra is simple…

“Keep your head up and your heart open.”

And for the tougher days…

"Tomorrow is a new day."

And one of my favorite quotes is from Charlie Chaplin…

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

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  1. Oh Sarah this is really lovely.
    I love the part about your Mom and you. I can so relate to this.
    I love your honestly and have such a hard time understanding your confidence challenge. You are incredibly gifted at SO MANY THINGS. WOW.
    I'm also one of your biggest fans… and isn't it crazy we've yet to shake hands in person.
    Thank you for sharing your heart and love!