Strength is Beauty: Second Launch

Two and a half months ago we launched our apparel with our key message "STRENGTH IS BEAUTY".  We were anxious and hopeful of how it would be received; keeping our expectations low with the number of sales we would have.

Things picked up pretty quickly as people began seeing and identifying with our message.  We had every intention of continuing with new products and messages in April but a couple of things happened to change our minds.

1.  The power of word of mouth and social media.

People started to see the message from all of YOU.  Your pictures, posts and hashtags.  #strengthisbeauty has taken off like wildfire, and it's really made SO many people look inside themselves.

2.  A whole movement of looking at strength as a desired and empowering characteristic rather than the exterior shell and body of a person.

Between the story of the mother in a bikini on a beach embracing her stretch marks, to the photo exhibit by Kate Harper capturing her daughters in such a beautiful light entitled "Strong is the New Pretty."

The countless number of celebrities (including PINK) speaking out about the criticism of their bodies, and discussing that the true beauty they have is their strength from within has been empowering for SO many women.

We decided to continue with this message.  It has turned out to be even more empowering for every person who identifies with it than either of us could have ever imagined.  We are BEYOND excited with the variety of styles we are now offering to you in a fresh new storefront:

  • flowy tanks
  • fitted tanks
  • tees
  • slouchy long-sleeves {arriving next week!}

We hope that each one of you who purchases a top from us feels empowered.  That you understand that you are SO strong.  You've had to be to get to where you are today, and THAT is where your beauty comes from.  VISIT OUR NEW SHOP HERE

Thank you from the bottom of our strong hearts...

Sarah and Susanne


  1. Love the message. Love the products and love the honesty you ladies are putting forward and encouraging from us. Can't wait to get my new tanks!!

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