Motivation: Fit-Liftables Free Printable Motivational Notes

It's important to be surrounded by positive reinforcement to keep your head in the game and stay motivated.  Often, we rely on others, but truly, we need to dig deep and build the confidence we need to understand we are capable and limitless.  Sometimes it merely takes the right words to keep us on the right track.

We designed a little set of printable notes {we chose to call them FIT-LIFTABLES} which you can tuck, tape or pin on your mirror, your fridge, your treadmill, your wall, your cubicle, your desk, your journal or even in your car!  These little reminders represent why you continue to work hard, make yourself a priority, and stay on course.  Whether its a job interview, a fitness goal or simply living healthy, we encourage you to use and digest these little notes to help you along the way!

Simply download the PDF files below, print them to a heavier weight card stock, trim, and be motivated!

+ And next week... we'll have a series of motivational posters for you to print and hang in your workout room, space, or corner!

+ Download and print Fit-Liftables Set 1
+ Download and print Fit-Liftables Set 2


  1. Just so you know the download links don't work. They lead to a 404 error with DropBox :(

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