Unstoppable: New Season, New Concept.

We are beyond thrilled to be moving along with a new concept, and new apparel that is bold and empowering...


We love the word UNSTOPPABLE.  All of us go through our lives facing self and social imposed limitations;  but each one of us is a WARRIOR.  Our struggles make the triumphs so much sweeter.  It is when we truly own who we are, stand in confidence and have compassion for ourselves and others that we can achieve our goals.  

This means so much to both of us personally as this past year has been a year of amazing struggles and triumphs for Sarah and myself.  Our philosophy states;

"Strength doesn't come from what you CAN do; It comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought you couldn't."

A big reason why we started this whole initiative was to be role models for our kids.  We want our children to look up to us and know that they are capable of accomplishing and working towards their dreams because we haven't stopped ourselves. We are UNSTOPPABLE in our dreams, efforts and goals and they can be too. Our toddler and kids line of tees with this message is a great motivator and inspiration for kids to be true to themselves and their passions; whatever they may be!

Your story is not over; you have the power to write and re-write it.
YOU are unstoppable!

Visit our shop to browse the new UNSTOPPABLE apparel collection, now including THE FIT LIFT littles collection for toddlers and kids.  We are also incredibly excited to offer soft long knit beanies with our signature logo, just in time for the chilly weather!  We hope you connect with our new collection and love it just as much as we do!

Sarah & Susanne 

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